Our Locations

MGH Physical Therapy Outpatient Services are available at the MGH Main Campus, at the MGH HealthCare Centers in Revere, Chelsea, Charlestown and Waltham, and at the MGH Sports Physical Therapy Center on Cambridge Street in Boston. Inpatient Physical Therapy Services are available on all MGH Units. Please visit our Locations page for location addresses, phone numbers, hours and directions.


The Massachusetts General Hospital Physical Therapy Service accepts most insurance plans. Patients may call directly to schedule an appointment or your support staff may arrange an appointment for your patient before he/she leaves your office by contacting the appropriate MGH location.

Our Services


Comprehensive services and individualized treatment plans are developed with the patient to achieve optimal function and desired outcomes. The Outpatient Service is comprised of more than 40 Physical Therapists, including 14 Board Certified Specialists. Please see below for an overview of MGH’s Outpatient PT Services as well as a list of Board Certified Specialists at each site.

  • For patients of all ages with primary and secondary musculoskeletal problems
    or injuries
  • Clinical expertise in complex spine care management
  • Treatment of pre- and post-surgical patients
  • For adults who have experienced a decline in function due to acute neurological or medical condition or an exacerbation of existing medical or neurological condition
  • Individualized treatment programs for patients experiencing dizziness, falls, and/or balance problems
  • Specialized care for individuals with inner ear dysfunction
  • For patients with pulmonary disease (COPD, emphysema, cystic fibrosis, asthma, interstitial fibrosis) and those with other medical diagnoses who require an exercise prescription
  • Provides patients with individualized treatment plans to enhance performance in daily activities.
  • For patients of all ages with problems related to their oncology diagnosis and treatment
  • Child-centered, family-friendly care for the infant and child whose motor function is affected by neurological, developmental, medical cardiopulmonary or orthopaedic conditions
  • Coordinated among providers including speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, referring physicians, community services and school systems

Clinical Director, Outpatient Physical Therapy
Rebecca Fishbein, PT, OCS

MGH Wang Ambulatory Care Center
Orthopaedic, Neurology/Vestibular, Cardiopulmonary, Oncology and Pediatric Rehabilitation Programs
Phone: 617-726-2961
Clinical Specialists:
Janet Callahan, PT, MS, NCS
Eileen Collins, PT, DPT
Ann Jampel, PT, MS
Jane Louriero, PT, MS
Jean O’Toole, PT, MPH
Diane Plante, PT, MS

Charlestown HealthCare Center
Orthopaedic, Neurology and Pediatric Rehabilitation Programs
Phone: 617-724-2270
Clinical Specialist: Marie Brownrigg, PT, MS

Chelsea HealthCare Center
Orthopaedic, Neurology/Vestibular and Pediatric Rehabilitation Programs
Phone: 617-887-3586
Clinical Specialist: Marie Brownrigg, PT, MS

Revere HealthCare Center
Orthopaedic, Neurology/Vestibular and Pediatric Rehabilitation Programs
Phone: 781-485-6222
Clinical Specialists:
Ellen Tighe Ventola, PT, MS, OCS
Emily Smith, PT

MGH West (Waltham)
Orthopaedic, Sports and Oncology Rehabilitation Programs
Phone: 781-487-3800
Clinical Specialist: M. Jane Loureiro, PT, MS

The Sports Physical Therapy Service is comprised of Physical Therapists, Board Certified Specialists, Physical Therapist Assistants and Certified Athletic Trainers.  The fully equipped state-of-the-art gym, functional training and private treatment rooms area allow patients to receive comprehensive care and return to the highest functional and athletic activity level.  The service also has a motion analysis area to collect kinematic data, EMG and ground reaction forces, and strength testing equipment such as a Cybex Norm and instrumented leg press and cable column.

Clinical Director, MGH Sport Physical Therapy
Jim Zachazewski, PT, DPT, ATC, SCS

The Inpatient Service is comprised of more than 50 Physical Therapists, including 10 Board Certified Specialists. Each of the Inpatient Services is led by a Board Certified Specialist. Comprehensive services and individualized treatment programs are provided on all MGH inpatient care units, 7 days a week, to patients with a wide variety of functional limitations and disabilities. Inpatient PTs also provide consultation to the MGH staff regarding the need for physical therapy and play an integral role on multidisciplinary teams. The referral system is computerized and all consults are made via the Provider Order Entry System.

Clinical Director, Inpatient Physical Therapy

Nancy Goode PT, DPT, MS

House Medicine
Clinical Specialist: Alison Squadrito, PT, DPT, GCS

Orthopaedics and Burns 
Clinical Specialist: Robert Dorman, PT, DPT, GCS

Clinical Specialist: Kristin Parlman, PT, DPT, NCS

Private Medicine/Surgery
Clinical Specialist: Andrea Bonanno, PT, DPT, GCS

Cardiac Medicine/Surgery/Transplant
Clinical Specialist: Jackie Mulgrew, PT, CCS

Clinical Specialist: Cheryl Brunelle, PT, CCS

Clinical Specialist: Lilian Dayan-Cimadoro, PT, DPT, MS, NCS, CLT-LANA